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Meet The Doula 

She is native to the DMV area.  She is a traveling doula and currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland. Jocelyn is a Certified Full Spectrum Doula, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, and a Childbirth Educator. Jocelyn is a loving mother to her 3-year son. Through her own birthing experience, she has gained interest in becoming a doula. She has a true passion and desire to help in creating a non-judgmental, sacred, safe, and empowering space where the birthing person can be heard and have the support that they need and deserve. 


As a black woman and mother, she truly sees and understands the complications that we face in the black birthing community while being cared for in the medical system. Jocelyn's Philosophy on birth and postpartum is to help empower, educate and heal. Whether it is a medicated, unmedicated, or cesarean birth she is there to support you and your baby.  


Although she can be perceived as a "modern-day hippie", you can expect Jocelyn to be welcoming, caring, and honest. She will be professional with a bit of humor, lots of smiles, and positive calming energy. 

She will be super supportive of your decisions and welcome you with open arms. 

Fun Facts :

  • Women of Faith 

  • Loves Anime 

  • loves music 

  • activist for black maternity health 

  • Loves to do natural hair 

  • loves to have a good time 

  • A Huge fan of peace and creating your support care team

  • Has been a babysitter/nanny for 1.5 years 

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